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MakerPCB Story

MakerPCB is a professional ODM/EMS manufacturer with fabrication facilities in China. We specialize in electronics manufacturing, including electronic design and engineering, PCB fabrication, SMT and PCB assembly, components sourcing, prototyping, box build, mechanical & electrical engineering, testing, low, medium and high - volume production, and cost-effective hybrid global shipping. Our ongoing goal is to assist our customers to achieve the best possible time to market and competitive advantage by producing products in a sustainable way at the lowest total cost through our competence, delivery accuracy, and product quality. As we move into the future, we plan on continuing our cutting-edge innovations and look forward to providing our customers with exceptional products and services.

We value our customers and aim to build long-lasting relationships based on trust and communication because our customers are very important to us. MakerPCB is your pathway towards everlasting success.

Best Regards,
MakerPCB Team